As you may know, I adore reading books, newspapers, magazines… in general, I love reading. It makes me feel good, confident, cool and, last but not least, it expands my knowledge and horizons.

To be honest, recently, I do not have time enough for books so magazines are the perfect reading mater for my new myself and I. In August I found Biograph magazine by Svetlio Kantardjiev and Moozoon Ltd. and fell in love with its picturesque pages and interesting stories.

The issue illustrates interesting and unknown facts about Lady Diana who died tragically in a car crash in 1997. Then, the whole world mourned for the noble Princess of Wales.


In addition, people still love Lady Diana because of her daring which is absolutely inspiring. Being a man, I should say that Lady Di was a beautiful and magnetic woman, too. I cannot understand Charles: he choose Camilla, his mistress, and broke Diana`s heart (what a man would do that with a woman like that?!?!)

However, she found her way to happiness. The most important, she made disadvantaged people, orphans and many others happier, working for organizations such as International Campaign to Ban Landmines, Great Ormond Street Hospital and others.

In conclusion, in my opinion, every man wants a woman like Diana and every woman desires to look like her.