The Secrets of Vanga

The prophetess Vanga is the most popular Bulgarian fortune-teller. Her name is Vangelia which means bearer of good news.
In Roupite she greeted people who came for advice. Vanga was blind but able to see and solve the pain of people all around the world. A sugar cube helped her to understand the unexplained.
Her visitors were both ordinary people and celebrities. According to Vanga, every disease could be cured with the correct herb. In addition to her healing skills, the prophetess predicted events over the years.
A lot of movies and books about Vanga`s life were made. One of my best friends told me that she had bought the book The Secret of Vanga by Zheni Kostadinova which illustrated scientists` researchers related to the phenomenon.
I also read the book that can be found in the big bookstores by New Media and Svetoslav Kantardzhiev. Reading the issue we learn that in Bulgaria there are unique people; that nothing happens accidentally.
When God takes something, He gives other. There are people who cannot help themselves but gift everything to others. Vanga is a phenomenon recognized in almost every country.
After her death there are numerous people who represent themselves as Vanga`s heirs. The truth is that her gift is from Lord, therefore it could not be surrender.

Най-красивото лице за 2012

Тези дни се рових из Youtube и попаднах на видео класация за най-красивите лица за 2012 година. Тогава се замислих какви пък трябва да са критериите тук. В крайна степен историята познава много неправилни, но пък адски красиви и секси лица.

Гледайки клипа, установих, че за някои от позициите сме абсолютно на едно мнение, но другите далеч се разминаваха с моите представи за красота. Което пак ме навява на мисълта, че всичко е субективно. 🙂

Вие как мислите?